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Request Service

By Phone

You can request service by phone by calling 219-362-2859. Our telephone hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9am to 5:30pm CST, but you can leave a message on our voicemail at any time.

Before You Call

In order to save time, we recommend visiting our "Before You Call" page to make sure you have the information we'll need to help you before you call.

Online, By Email, or By Fax

The form below is the tool we use to gather information for all service requests. Please have as much of this information as possible available if you need to call to request service, or email the information to info@klisselectronics.com, or you can fax it to 219-324-3384. You can fill out and submit the form below online, or you can download the form as a Microsoft Word (.doc) file, an Open Document Format (.odt) file,or as a PDF.

To download the form as a Microsoft Word (.doc) file: Right Click Here and select "Save As" 

To download the form as an Open Document Format (.odt) file: Right Click Here and select "Save As" 

To download the form as a PDF: Right Click Here and select "Save As"

Brand Specific Information

Many manufacturers have additional information critical to identifying your product:

  • RCA  - Service model number (Usually above sales model number on back of set)
  • Samsung — Version Number (On sticker on right side of cabinet as you face the front)
  • LG / Zenith — Product Code number (On rear or side sticker)
  • Panasonic Flat Screen Products —Use side mounted sticker Numbers and color of sticker are important.

Brand specific examples of numbers we need and their locations:

Please do not rely on sales slips or instruction manuals for this information.

  • JVC: Model number, serial number and production code on back of set
    • EX: Model number LT-42EM59 Serial number 11318597 Production code CAA
  • LG / Zenith: Model, serial, product code – Back of set or side of cabinet on flat panels
    • Ex: Sales / Customer model 42LB5 Service model / product code 42LB5DF-UL.AUSHLJM Serial number 802MXHB0L705
  • Mitsubishi: Model, serial, chassis Back of set (Note chassis number is generally not on product)
    • Ex: WD65735 Serial 115158 Chassis V39
  • Orion / ILO / Sansui / Durabrannd : Model, serial, date code letter—Back of set
    • Ex: HDLCDVD260 B S/N 5780610067
  • Philips / P&F : Model, Serial, Chassis—Back of Set
    • Ex: Philips 47PFL3603D/37 S/N YA1C9524654452
    • Ex: P & F 42PFL3603D/F7 S/N YA1A9835221852
    • Both LC8.1 Chassis
  • Sanyo: Model, Chassis, Serial Back of set
    • Ex: Model DP32648 Chassis: 32648-00 Serial B8140236517238
  • Panasonic: Model number, serial number, chassis number, manufacture model ID – back of set – side of flat screen product – note color of the side sticker – white on black or black on white
    • Ex: Model Number* TH50PX80UA Serial Number * MA82700710
  • Samsung: Model Code, Serial, Version numbers – sticker on right side of cabinet as you face the front, lamp code on DLP product – left side of cabinet
    • Ex: Model code: LN32A300J1DXZA Serial ARVX3CPQ903249Z VER CK02
  • Sony: Model, chassis , serial, – Cabinet back, side or customer support menu on newer product.
    • Ex: KP57WS510 RA-6A 9234569 (S/N is 7 digits)
  • Thomson RCA/GE/Proscan etc.:Service model code – above sale model number, serial, chassis On cabinet back and side of some product
    • Ex: Sales model HD52W67 Service model HD52W67YX39 Chassis ITC222 Serial F495C187A
  • Toshiba: Model, serial, chassis Back of set
    • Ex: Model 40RV525U S/N 85129M55134K1 Chassis TAC